Prayer Model


What is a Prayer Model:

Everyone prays…at home, at work, in the car, at church…the place doesn’t matter. Our prayers may last from a few minutes to much longer…the length doesn’t determine its effectiveness or intensity.Jesus gave us His Prayer Model in the Lord’s Prayer. It begins and ends with praising who God is “Hallowed be thy name…and acknowledging He’s sovereign “for thine is the Kingdom and the power and the glory forever.”Over the next 6 weeks, we’re encouraging you to participate in a corporate strategic prayer initiative using a different Prayer Model each week. Each model is put together in this manner: a selected scripture with a specific Revelation(s) of who God is followed by specific Request(s).You can read or meditate upon each revelation and request either exactly as it’s written or with your own words. Whether this is a new way for you to pray or you’ve prayed this way before, allow the Holy Spirit to guide you. Together as we corporately pray the same Prayer Model, expect an impact on our church and communities.

Week 1 Prayer Model.png

Week 1: I Will Build My Church


Week 2: Launching into Mission


Week 2 Prayer Model.png

Week 3. Prayer Model.png

Week 3: Seeing the Harvest

LUKE 19:1-10

Week 4 Prayer Model.png

Week 4: His Exponential Presence

Ezekiel 47:1-12

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Week 5: The Antioch Multiplication Principle

Acts 13:2-12

Week 6: Digging Fresh Spiritual / Ministry Wells

Genesis 26:1-12

Week 6 Prayer Model.png